Goodnight Kiss (a.k.a. GNK) – Indie Pop, Rock, and Soul


In August 2015, Brian Narvy (guitar, vocals) was sitting in a hotel room in central London when he received a call from acclaimed frontman Wes Pagano (lead vocals, guitar). “Wanna start a band, with harmonies and stuff? I’ve already got some songs written.” Sure enough, he did.

Two weeks later Brian was on a plane heading back to Los Angeles, ready to rehearse. Together, they embarked on the journey that would soon become the indie-pop band, Goodnight Kiss.

The band started as an acoustic duo, and shortly after forming, added well-known Ventura percussionist Rene Ponce into the mix. After a year of refining their sound and writing a ton of songs, the band added Brian ‘Boom’ Carroll (bass) and Eric Goldstein (drums) to bring a funky, edgy groove to the already rich acoustic sound.

Now a 5-piece, the band has found success in the local Ventura and LA music scene. Weaving together a unique sound shaped by rock, punk, soul, latin, funk, and 70’s rock, the guys of Goodnight Kiss consider The Beatles, The Flaming Lips, Gorillaz, The Police, James Brown, and Radiohead as influences in their playing.

Selected by KCRW’s Anne Litt as one of LA’s best new indie bands of 2017, Goodnight Kiss has since released two albums and a slew of singles – with more to come in 2022.